Original textile pieces, hand dyed and printed fabrics using techniques such as eco print/rust print/dyeing, batik and cyanotype.

The pieces are finished using monoprint techniques, block prints,free motion and hand embroidery.

The Money Tree- Textile Sculpture

I was called on by a fellow maker Redrubyrose to create a piece ‘inspired by Gairloch’ – this work was part of an exhibition of makers, photographers and painters at the new Gairloch Museum.

'The Money Tree' was inspired by the old coin embedded Oak tree found on the Isle of Maree.

The legend of the Money Tree forms part of a larger history of people visiting Loch Maree and the island to benefit from the reputed healing powers of the Loch itself and the holy well near the Oak tree.
The piece has been created using eco and rust printed fabrics.
The dyeing process involves using rusty coins and nails which are wrapped in the cloth, bound tightly with string and steamed for a number of hours with onion skins.

The fabric has been pieced together using free motion embroidery whilst inserting fabric coins and also using the string which was used to bind the cloth.

Eco Prints on Paper

Original Eco Prints with Hand Printed Block Prints

These have been created using leaves and flowers picked from my garden in the Scottish highlands.

The leaves & flowers are layered between sheets of heavyweight watercolour paper and steamed for 2 hours.

During this process the natural dyes transfer to the paper producing a unique eco print.

Papers are dried flat and the eco prints are then overprinted using hand carved printing blocks.

Please note colours may fade in direct sunlight.

All of these original prints are one offs and a selection of these may be found at the following galleries:
Studio Smith - Tain
Barn Owl Bothy -Dornoch
Ceard Gallery - Ullapool
Gallery48 - Cromarty 
Aberfeldy Gallery - Aberfeldy

Eco Print Art Cards