Drypoint Etching- a process where an engraving is made with a steel or jewelled point directly into an acrylic (or metal) plate without the use of acid as in etching.

The finished plate is then inked up to print the intaglio (etched) surface and then carefully wiped which can be a long process so as not to remove or leave too much ink ; the plate is then printed through an etching press where the pressure forces dampened paper into the etching to pick up the ink and create an image.

As the images are printed through the etching press the burrs in the acrylic gradually wear away so there are a limited amount of prints possible from each plate and there will be variations in each print which makes them individual and unique.
I quite often combine monotypes with the drypoints and many of the editions are only small runs of 5.

All the images in this gallery are originals and are available for sale unless marked sold or not for sale.

 Please contact me for price information on individual pieces.